DIY Concrete PlanterDIY Concrete PlanterDIY Concrete PlanterDIY Concrete PlanterDIY Concrete PlanterDIY Concrete Planter

DIY Concrete Planter

Hi guys! And welcome to my second blog post which is about a DIY.  I’m always looking for inspiration such as in magazines or websites like Pinterest. A trend that I’ve noticed a lot was planters and other stuff made of concrete. In my opinion it looks amazing and that’s why I wanted to try to make something similar as the ones I have seen.

What do you need?
– 2 different sizes of cardboard boxes
– Sand cement / soil cement
– Water
– Bucket
– Wooden stir bar
– Tape

How to make it?
step 1 -> mix 1 kg of the cement with 0,1 l of water in a plastick bucket. stir for about 5 minutes.
step 2 -> put the mixture in the biggest sized cardbox
step 3 -> place the small cardbox in the middle en secure it with tape. (photo 8)
step 4 -> let it dry for about 2 days.
step 5 -> remove the cardboxes and plant your cactus in it!
step 6 -> find the perfect place for your cute and selfmade planter!
Xx Hannah


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